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"The Culture of Moguls encourages the manufacturing of spirit, creativity and mental equity that solves problems."

-T.R. Burns

Unique Workspace

 The Mogul Exchange offers a work environment that is unique and that promotes creativity. Developing your business can be challenging enough, so we want to inspire your "inner mogul" with an atmosphere that stimulates your greatest ideas!

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Easy Access

Our convenient location is near to many major roadways in NJ, as well as close to HBLR and public transportation. Whatever your means of travel, we are conveniently located to accommodate you.Read more


Identify Yourself

Our structure, facility and staff have all been designed to create an atmosphere that is both diverse and welcoming. From artists, government officials, teachers and business owners, we offer an intricate support system at the Mogul Exchange. Here you can find creative people to identify with. Read more


Creativity Welcomed

We are a company of Moguls. This means we are pioneers, trail-blazers, uniquely designed, problem-solving, invention starting people. We are unafraid of the unfamiliar and welcome all forms of creativity. If you've got an idea no one understands, we welcome you. Read more

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